Thursday, June 22, 2017

7 v 7 and Piano

Today was the hottest day of the week which wasn't surprising as it is always hot on 7 v 7 day.  Cam played golf with Mom, but they went early to avoid the heat.  I used the time to trim bushes out front.  I even got in a walk before he got home.  Cal was around for a lot of the day as he didn't have to work until 2.

We left for piano around 2:30.  Their lessons went well.  Cam is trying to master the Oogie Boogie song and Meg is working on The Little Mermaid.  After piano we stopped at Target.  Meg's been looking for shoes and I needed a few items.  Even with shopping and piano we were the first ones to 7 v 7.  Doug met us there.  Carl and Marina came out to watch Meg play and my parents drove up as well.  Meg played very well.  Her skills have really improved and most of her goals are now scored with her left foot.  Her teammates are starting to look for her more and she passes very well.  Tonight she even took a turn at goalie and did well with that even though she hasn't played that position in two years.

After soccer we went with Carl and Marina to Antonio's.  The wait was longer than usual, but we got a chance to visit that way.  They've been busy from selling the house and moving into their new one.  Meg, Cam and I left before Doug, so that he could go over some paperwork with Carl.  We listed to Legally Blonde on the way home.  Meg even learned how to properly use her brights and to stop when one deer crosses as there is usually another on the way.

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