Monday, May 22, 2017

Wow! Twenty-Four Years - Half of Doug's Life!

Today Doug and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary.  This morning he greeted me with "Happy Anniversary, we have now been married for over half my life!"  I had never thought about that, but he was correct.  I definitely am at the point where I do not remember life before Doug.  Sometimes I forget that we did not grow up together, and  I cannot imagine life without him.  He has been the rock in our family providing us with support throughout the years.  He has solved more than one Heinisch problem and has worked hard to provide us with a wonderful life.

I love that we decided several weeks ago not to give each other gifts this year.  Buying flowers and planting them were our weekend plans and by the end of the day our yard looked beautiful.  As a bonus, Meg even helped this year.  Doug did buy me a beautiful bouquet of roses for the inside of our home as well and we all enjoyed dinner together as a family with HM, Mom and Dad joining us.  Next year we will pass half my life.  Can't wait to see what the year brings to the Heinisch family.

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