Saturday, May 27, 2017

Twenty Four Hours of Fun

Brett started his day at Shopoff's having lunch and visiting with a friend from high school.  Brett has enjoyed eating at the root beer stand since he first went with my parents almost 20 years ago.  Unlike most customers he prefers the booths to sitting in his vehicle.  He had a great visit and enjoyed the food as always.  After lunch Meg and I went to the Round Barn at Amish Acres to see "Plain and Fancy" with him. We all enjoyed it as always although the character of Ezra was changed from the past.  It made for a different story, but as we had seen it so many times before it was alright with us.

After the musical Doug, Meg, Cam, Brett and I went to the winery.  We all got something to drink and Cam even tried the Korean tacos from the food truck.  They have games for the kids to play, so tonight's activity was Scattergories.  I was the big winner, but it was close.  From the winery we headed home for dinner.  Cal and my parents joined us for spaghetti and salad.  My mom brought the desserts and everyone tried a piece of pie.  Cam wanted to play croquet again.  Meg, Cal and I watched as Doug took everyone out one by one.

I started to wear out around 9, so I decided to enjoy Harry Potter weekend on TV while reading Prisoner of Azkaban.  Brett, Cam and my parents played Hearts.  Meg FaceTimed Preston and Aaron and Doug enjoyed a bonfire.  It was a wonderful day.  We are looking forward to another one just like it tomorrow.

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