Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Track Regionals

Tonight I experienced my first track meet ever.  Hannah-Marie competed in the South Bend St. Joseph regional and Meg and I decided to support her.  As an added bonus, Cal rode with us.  I was glad to spend the evening with him and he was a big help in explaining the events.  We first started at the long jump pit.  I couldn't believe how close we were able to stand to the pit.  Hannah-Mare had three jumps to qualify for the finals.  She did well and found herself in fifth place after the qualifiers which put her in the middle of the pack for the finals to be completed later in the evening.

After the long jump qualifiers we moved to the bleachers for her next event the 100 meter high hurdles.  That was an impressive event as I could not envision having to jump the hurdles and run at the same time.  There were two heats of hurdles and at the end of the second one HM found herself in the finals by one one-hundredth of a second.

We had a half hour break between the hurdles and the start of the finals.  Meg and I took a walk around the school.  She needed a pencil to do her homework.  We didn't find one, but we were impressed with St. Joe high school.  We had seriously considered putting the Heinisch children in the St. Joe school district five years ago.  Cal said he would have hated it, but it sure looked like an awesome facility to learn at.

The finals for the hurdles were shortly after the national anthem.  HM ran a personal best and finished 8th.  We were excited for her.  Her last event of the night was the finals for the long jump.  Hannah-Marie did very well and moved up to 4th place by the end of the evening.  Unfortunately, only the top three places move on to the state finals.  We were disappointed for her.  We reminisced about all of the times Cal or his golf team finished in 4th place, just shy of a trip out of sectionals.  Track is different, however, as there are callbacks for events.  Thus, HM still has a chance.  Either way we are very proud of how she finished her track season.

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