Monday, May 1, 2017

Too Cold For Me

Tonight Meg had a tennis match at the high school against West Noble.  I got there early to take some pictures and found out that they had delayed for an hour.  I decided to run home and work on sub plans for Wednesday.  Meg has several appointments that I need to take her to that day.   I got back in an hour, but they were still trying to dry the courts.  Doug was able to pickup Cam, drop him off at Mom's and get to her match before they had senior introductions.

I did get out of the van to take pictures of Meg being announced, but after that I decided to watch the match from my vehicle.  I still feel horrible and the wind, rain and cold were too much for me to sit through.  Doug braved the elements and had a prime spot for watching, but I could still see most of the action from the side fence through my passenger window.  Meg played well, had some great rallies and won some awesome points.  She came up short in both sets, however, losing by a break 6-4, 6-4.  She was upset when she got home that she was the only one who lost.  We reminded her, that without her taking on their heaviest hitter, everyone else would have to play up a position and then the team wouldn't have won the match.  Don't know if that helped, but we have been very proud of her this season for taking on the area's best players.  She has gained a great deal of experience.

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