Thursday, May 11, 2017

NLC Part 2

Tonight was part two of the girls NLC conference tournament.  Meg called me at 4:10 to let me know that she was called on to the court.  Luckily, I left right after school and was there before she started.  It may not have been the biggest match of the night, but it was an important one for Meg.  It was her chance to finish in 7th place in the conference tourney.  She felt that last year she did not play as well as she could and she had something to prove to herself.

The match against Goshen was intense and long.  I had told Doug and my Dad that they didn't have to come over as Meg was already up 3-0 by the time I got ahold of them.  Little did I know that I was totally wrong.  The first set along took an hour and ten minutes.  Both girls rallied hard and won some long points.  Meg was up 4-1 when Goshen came back to go up 5-4.  I was so anxious that I had to walk away.  I decided the best way to handle the rest of the set was to sit in the van with my windows up.  I felt like no matter what I said, I was just making Meg more and more nervous.  Thankfully, Nate Perek came over to watch her.  At that point she told him that she needed more water and a snack as she was getting a migraine.  He got her what she needed and stayed to watch her win 7-2 in a tiebreak.

The second set was just as intense as the first.  Meg, once again, got out to a lead, but the Goshen girl rallied once again and before I knew it Meg was down 5-3.  At this point it was obvious to me that both girls were exhausted and would struggle with a third set.  Meg hung tough and the match seemed to get to her opponent.  Meg proceeded to win the next four games finishing the second set victorious at 7-5.  It was definitely one of the most challenging matches to watch as a parent, but I was so glad that I was there to see her win.  It was a great one!

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