Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Let the Cleaning Begin

Meg talked about getting a job this summer, but with her sports schedule, two weeks at camp and a week in D.C. we realized that it probably wouldn't work that well for her.  Thus, I made her the same offer that I made Brett when he was 16 and was in the same situation.  I told her that I would pay her to help me this summer and she said she'd take me up on that deal.

After today she and Cameron may have decided that a job would be a better option.  We spent an hour and a half cleaning out the fish tank.  We have had the same fish now for over two years and every time we got new ones he would kill them off.  Thus, we first decided to move him to his own bowl.  From there we thoroughly cleaned the tank with the anticipation of getting new fish this week.  Once we were done we split up all of the rooms on the first two levels of the house and started dusting.  It felt nice to get everything done and I really appreciated the help.  Our plans are to clean the doors and windows later in the week.  After that I will take all the help I can get to set up the garage sale.

It wasn't all cleaning today as Meg and I have each started one of our favorite books - for her - Happy Golden Years and for me - Prisoner of Azkaban.  The three of us also made plans to do some crafting and sewing over the next month or so.  Cam played golf this afternoon and Doug got his bike fixed as well.  Thus, I see a lot of walks and bike rides in our future.  Summer vacation - can't ask for anything better.

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