Tuesday, May 2, 2017

It's Tough Being a Heinisch

Last night Meg had a match at Elkhart Memorial.  As I had a field trip with my 6th grade class that didn't get back to Milford until 4:30 I decided to sit this one out.  Meg was alright with that as she knew that it would be tough for me to drive an hour and sit in the cold after being with my students for ten hours.

Meg had a tough opponent to play - a D-1 committed athlete with a tennis court in her back yard.  Meg went into it with a good attitude and handled the hour weather delay well.  She said that she lost the first game without winning a point and decided form there that every point she won would be a victory.  She did well after that and although she didn't win a game, she did win a lot of points and pushed several games to deuce.  Doug said that the Memorial coach talked to him during the match to tell him that he thought Meg was playing well.  Meg was happy with her return of serve and overall she felt pretty good in the end.

I was in bed when she got home, but she came in to tell me all about her evening.  After she talked about her match she had to tell me the moment she enjoyed the most.  One of the other players had also been beaten by a tough opponent.  Because of this she asked her parents to get her something to eat before they left to help the ease the sting of the loss.  They ran to a local fast food and made sure she was alright before they took off for Syracuse.  Meg decided at that point that she would ask her Dad to get her something to eat as well trying to use the devastation that she felt at losing her match 6-0, 6-0 to play on his sympathy.  After she made the suggestion, Doug looked at her, walked over to his car, and gave her a bag of chips that she left in the back seat several days earlier.  He then told her good job and drove home.  Graham and Meg laughed about that all night.

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