Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Fish and Hermit Crabs

Today we were finally able to get back to piano lessons.  With our piano out of commission for the last month and Meg and Cam's tennis schedule, they haven't been able to practice.  Thus, we asked Mrs. Meek if we could wait until the end of the month to return.  That worked out with her schedule and everyone was happy to be back at it today.

After lessons we headed to Target, Game Stop and Pier 1 to do some shopping.  Doug had to work late, but told us that he would have time to meet us for dinner if we waited until 6:30.  That was alright with us as Cal had to work tonight anyway.  Buffalo Wild Wings was packed for a new promotion they had - buy one small boneless wings and get one free.  Meg and Cam took advantage of that deal while Doug tried their new loaded tots.

After dinner Doug headed home to finish working.  Meg, Cam and I went to Petco to pick out eight new fish and four new hermit crabs.  We did check out the guinea pigs, but that would more likely be a project for next week.  Once we got the animals set up and our groceries put away, Doug and I finished watching "Gone Girl."  Brett told us that it was intense.  It was, but we were glad that we rented it.  Plus the price was right as we found it at the library.

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