Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tennis Champions

Cameron was asked by his Bethany tennis coach to play in this weekend's tournament at Angola.  It was an honor to be invited as normally only 8th graders play since Bethany can only bring 14 players.  Doug and he were up bright and early this morning ready for their day of tennis.  The weather ended up being beautiful and Cam had a fantastic time.

Each doubles team was slated to play three matches at 20 minutes each.  As Cam was the only 6th boy invited he was seeded as number 4 doubles.  His first match was the easiest of the day with Cam and his partner winning 6-1 in their allotted time.  The boys also had fun spending time hanging out with the team while waiting for their next two matches.  Doug used the down time to catch up on work.  At the end of their third round they found themselves seeded first in their bracket.  Four other Bethany teams also made the finals, so the boys had company while waiting for the championship round.  Cam kept himself occupied this time by finding a toad to chase around.

The team that the boys played were better than the previous three and they found themselves down after the first game.  They rallied, however, and when the whistle blew they were called to the top of the podium winning 4 games to 1.  Cam had a fantastic showing for his first tennis tournament and a medal to commemorate his winnings.  

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