Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Fantastic Freshmen Year

Cal drove in this evening about 6:30 with his car packed with the remnants of his Freshmen year.  He was happy to be home and we were thrilled to have him.  Cal's Freshmen year was filled with studying, new friends, dorm life and endless games of basketball.  He enjoyed it much more than he thought he would when we dropped him off.  He also did very well academically both semesters in a very demanding business program.

He plans on taking the weekend to regroup, play some basketball and maybe golf if the weather improves before he starts work at Tippy on Tuesday.  We've already talked about where we are going to store his belongings and for the first time ever he claimed the bedroom in the basement.  It will be cooler in the summer and he will have more room to spread out.  I am sure that it will take him some time to get adjusted to home life and by the time August rolls around he will be more than ready to go back.  For now, however, we will enjoy having him here in the Heinisch family.

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