Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tournament Champions

Meg played in the first annual Wawasee Varsity Duals today and had an excellent showing playing at #1 singles.  I missed the first set of her match with Prairie Heights, and by the time I arrived she had won easily 6-0,.  The second set in progress when I arrived and was closer.  Doug said it became heated as Meg's opponent was making calls that she did not agree with.  That rattled Meg, but she was able to rebound and win 6-2.  Her second match was the quickest on the court, which is a rarity for Meg.   She beat her opponent easily 6-1, 6-0.  When Meg exited she told me that she was not playing Columbia City's #1 singles player.  Their coach had moved her to #1 doubles as he thought that would be his best chance for a win.  The doubles match was close, but Wawasee held on and ended with the same score as the first match 5-0.

There was an hour or so before the third match would start, so Doug and I ran home to work on a couple of projects.  He wanted to clean out the garage and I had laundry to do.  We made it back just as the third match started.  Wawasee was slated to play Southwood in the final round with each team standing at 2-0 on the day.  Meg's match went back in forth with Meg struggling to see on her serve in the sunlight.  She held on to win a challenging first set 6-4.  Southwood's number one was the best girl that Meg had played thus far in the tournament.  The second set was just as competitive.  As we looked down the court we realized that #2 doubles and #3 singles had won, meaning that if Meg held on to win the second set they would be tournament champions.  The match went back and forth, but Meg was able to hold on and the team earned its first trophy in over 15 years.  We were very proud of Meg.  It was a lot of fun to watch her play and great for her to get some wins.  The next two weeks will be challenging for her as she will be playing the best players in the NLC.

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