Monday, April 24, 2017

Out for the Count

I woke up in the middle of the night last night unable to breath.  I had a cough that would not stop and I just couldn't catch my breath.  I went outside for awhile to see if that would help.  It helped a little bit, but I was still struggling.  I stayed up for three hours or so and realized that it wasn't getting better and I wouldn't be able to go to work.  I wrote sub plans and sent them to the secretaries to copy as I couldn't drive.  

I went back to bed, but woke back up with the same issues an hour later.  I finally woke Doug up.  For awhile I thought we would have to go to the ER, but instead we decided that I would text my Mom to take Cam and Meg to school in the morning.  Doug would call Dr. Mulry's as soon as the office opened.  If they couldn't see me today then we planned on going to the hospital.  I woke up multiple times during the day with the same shortness of breath and a cough that would not stop.  My eyes had also started tearing up and my throat was on fire.  Fortunately, Doug could get me into the doctor at 3:15.  I told him that I was sure I could make it, but for awhile I started to doubt my decision.

Mom took me to the doctor as I wasn't up for driving.  They were in the process of changing over their computer system, so it took longer to check in.  I was just thankful, however, to get in today.  I was definitely running a fever and Dr. Mulry said that my lungs were not fully functioning.  He prescribed a Z-Pack and an inhaler for a lung infection.  He laughed when I asked him if I could try going to school tomorrow.

I started on the medicine as soon as Doug got home.  I was able to breathe a little better and did not have to stay in bed.  I hope tomorrow is a better day.  This has been awful.

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