Monday, April 3, 2017

On to Walt Disney World

Doug dropped us off at the Baltimore/Washington Airport this morning before he left for home.  Our flight didn't leave until 11 a.m. and we had plenty of time to get something to eat and find our terminal before we boarded.  The flight was a quick one.  I started the movie Moana.  It wasn't the greatest, but since I hadn't seen it before it held my interest.  Meg watched a show she had downloaded and Cam played chess.

The Magical Express ride was fun like always, filled with excitement and our favorite safety video with Gus.  We were happy to find out that our room was ready, so we dropped off our carry on bags and headed straight to EPCOT.  Heinisch family tradition calls for us to stop first in Germany for a German pretzel and then Mexico for our first ride of the trip - Gran Fiesta Tour.  We left singing Three Cabarellos.  The International Flower & Garden Show was in full bloom as well and we enjoyed all of the characters as topiaries.

Our Fast Passes were scheduled for Magic Kingdom, so we headed there next.  I rode Big Thunder Mountain for the first time in a long time.  I really liked it although it was a little rough.  Seven Dwarfs Mine ride was also a lot of fun.  We saved Splash Mountain for last.  It had been closed several times throughout the day, so we were glad that we got to ride it.  Usually, I get soaked, but this time I was seated in the back row and stayed fairly dry.

I talked Cam and Meg into leaving before the park closed.  I wanted to make sure that our luggage had arrived and it had been a tiring trip.  We made it in time to get desserts in the lounge and were glad to see that all of our bags were waiting for us.  I spent the rest of the evening unpacking while they watched some of their favorite Disney shows.  Doug called several times on his way home.  He made it to Syracuse by the time we got to Magic Kingdom.  The trip was pretty easy and he was even able to jog before dinner.

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