Friday, April 21, 2017

Marcie, You Made Egg Soup

Since we weren't able to have an Easter egg hunt last Sunday, we decided to have hold that annual tradition this weekend.  In order to get ready for it we held off coloring eggs until tonight.  It was honestly the first evening we had the chance to do so anyway.  We started our family evening by first going to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  We all gave Doug a hard time for rushing us out of the door as soon as Meg got home from tennis, but we were glad that he did.  We got right in, but the crowd that arrived a short while later filled the lobby.

After dinner we set up the Easter dye and Cam and Meg each decorated a dozen eggs.  All were colorful and they used rubber bands on several them to create a fun pattern.  Once the decorating was done, we popped in "It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown."  Peppermint Patty's attempt to teach Marcie to color eggs has always been a Heinisch family favorite leading all of us to quote "Marcie, You Made Egg Soup" many times over the years and to also question Peppermint Patty's decision to put Marcie in charge of cooking the eggs in the first place.  Snoopy saved the day once again and it was a great way to end a fun evening.

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