Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Half Day Was Enough

Today I tried a half day and that was definitely enough.  Talking and be up moving around definitely wore me out, but I was glad to get caught up.  Last night several of my advanced students emailed me questions about their homework.  In fact I heard from one of them six different times.  That was when I knew I'd better try today.   It went well and I was able to help those stuck on some new math concepts.  As soon as I got home, however, I grabbed some toast and cranberry juice and sat on my bed for the next few hours resting, working on my computer and watching Rear Window.  

Cam had early release today and helped Mom at the nursing home for BINGO.  They then went to play 18 holes of golf, so we didn't see him until 7:30.  Meg had practice and they actually got out on time tonight.  She was nervous about her match with Warsaw tomorrow, but all she can do is to try her best.  Nate Haines gave her some tips which helped.  Doug had a lot of work to do, so once we were done with dinner he started on that.  Meg and I finally finished Kate & Leopold on Netflix.  We both really liked it.  Cam and I also watched the newest episode of Gotham.  We had been waiting since January to find out what happened to the penguin.  The episode was great.  I was too tired to do much else, so I headed to bed early to finish Rear Window.  The only good part about being sick was catching up on all of the movies and shows that I hadn't see in awhile.

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