Friday, April 28, 2017

Good Friends, Good Times

Cam had wanted to reconnect with his Milford friends for the last couple of weeks, and as we had nothing going on tonight we thought it would be the perfect time.  Unfortunately, Evan was on a retreat, but Chance and Cade were up for coming over and the boys had a great time.  They played games, ate pizza, got scared by Meg, Preston, Aaron and Graham playing Ghost in the Graveyard and spent time catching up.  It was just as it always has been.  I'm glad that Cam has kept those connections alive.

Meg enjoyed her evening as well.  Her friends arrived later than Cam's, but they were still able to walk to Dairy Queen, play Ghost in the Graveyard and help Meg take pictures for a project for Spanish class.  Aaron was last to leave, but when he did, Meg stopped in to say goodnight.  She said that she had a wonderful time.  Her day at school was a tough one and having friends over was just what she needed.

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