Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday

Cam, Meg and I were thankful for a day off from school today.  It had been a long week coming back from vacation and we were glad to sleep in.  I have noticed that sleeping in for Cam and I means getting up around 8 or so and today was no different.  He was showered and ready to play golf by 8:45.   Dad was willing to take him out as the weather had been crummy this week and today was the first nice one in awhile.  I used the time before Meg got up to pack for the weekend.

We had planned on piano at 11 a.m., but once Cam left Mrs. Meek agreed to move it to 1 so he could finish nine holes and eat lunch before we left for Goshen.  Cam was happy with his round and piano went well.  Doug had a doctor's appointment at 3 p.m. and was home by 3:35.  Hannah-Marie was joining us for the weekend and she arrived just as we got the van loaded.  The trip was an easy one.  Cam picked Happy Gilmore to watch and that kept everyone entertained for the majority of the ride.  

We met Cal at Wright and went straight to Mother Bears for dinner.  The wait was a short one and the pizza was delicious.  Cal and HM decided to talk a walk after we ate.  We unpacked at Parce's and then took a walk ourselves.  He had to work late tonight and it was ten before he got to his apartment.  We walked to the Union and back before Cal and HM arrived.  They too were on Kirkwood.  We had just enough time to catch up with Parce before he went to bed.  No one stayed up late, which was ok with me.  It's hard for me to make it up past 11 anymore.  

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