Friday, April 7, 2017

Doug's Top Picks

We tried to pick parks and attractions today that Doug would like as this was really his first day at Disney World.  Thus, we started with Toy Story Mania in Hollywood Studios followed by The Great Movie Ride.  Even though we had just been there yesterday, Cam, Meg and I really enjoyed it.  Doug had a phone call for work at 10 a.m. so after the preshow for Muppets 3-D Vision he stepped out.  He didn’t mind as we all like the preshow the best anyway.

While Doug was on his phone call we finished the show and then went to One Man One Dream.  Cameron had never been through the exhibit as we usually go when he and Brett are on Star Tours.  We all really liked it.  Doug had just finished up when we got back to Muppets Theater.  We did a little bit of shopping before we left the park to walk back to The Boardwalk.

Our next stop was EPCOT for lunch.  They did not have quite as many food places as they did during the Food and Wine Festival, but there was still a lot to try.  While Doug was in Rose & Crown the three of us waited to meet Mary Poppins.  Cam did not have her autograph yet and we all love that movie.  While we were in EPCOT we also rode a couple of the rides and Meg was finally able to say that she saw the environmental movie - Circle of Life.  After we walked through the butterfly garden and stopped at some shops, Cam and Meg decided to go back to the Boardwalk.  Meg wanted to rest and shower and Cam wanted to catch The Masters scores.  Doug and I tried some different food dishes and drinks along our walk back.  It was a beautiful day and a wonderful time to tour the countries.

We made it back to the room to rest for a half hour or so before dinner in the lounge.  Doug liked the bang bang shrimp and pork that they served.  Our last stop for the night was Magic Kingdom.  It was a lot different than Wednesday night.  The crowds were unbelievable and the wait times long.  Luckily, I had changed our Fast Passes to Friday night or we might have been out of luck catching any of our favorites.  We were happy with what we were able to ride - Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, Peter Pan, Little Mermaid and Winnie the Pooh.  Cam and Meg even got to eat at their favorite stop again - Cosmic Rays.  We decided that they might be the only ones who can repeat Sonny Eclipse's skit word for word.

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