Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Tonight was the regional Academic Super Bowl competition, and Meg participated in the math section once again.  She had to miss a tennis match to be at it, but was ok with that as this was one of only three competitions and a chance for her team to make it to state.  The students left early and spent the evening preparing, talking and sharing a meal.  The math portion was third from last tonight and Doug had time to pick me up at home after work, so we only had to take one car.  The math team did well placing second in their class.  Unfortunately, it was not enough to put them in the top five in the state, thus, ending their season.  We were proud of Meg and her team, however, as they did very well this year.  There was no shame in finishing thirteenth in the state overall.  Meg learned a lot and had a great time doing so.  

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