Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Trip to Brown County

Cal had texted me earlier this week to see if we could go to Brown County today.  It sounded like a great idea and we were happy to see that the weather had cooperated.   Before we left Bloomington we had lunch at Noodles & Company.  It was very good and just what we need before hiking.  The park was packed, but we all found trails that worked for us.  Cal and HM chose a rugged 3 mile one that took them to the top of the hills.  Meg stayed with me on the moderate 1.5 stretch around Ogle Lake.  Cam and Doug started off with us, but we split up about halfway through.  They wanted to walk a little longer and I knew I would slow them down.  The roots from the trees made me unsure of my footing, but Meg and I made it back without problem.

After hiking Doug drove us to Nashville to do a little shopping.  It was a gorgeous day to be out and we made it through several stores.  HM found some pumpkin dog biscuits for Flower.  Cam purchased a rock collection and Meg got a tennis visor.  Doug split off from us to check out a local brewery.   Ice cream was our next stop and it was very good.  Before we left we walked though a birdhouse store.  I found a cedar suet feeder that will work perfectly in our front yard.

Cal, HM, Meg and Cam decided to rest at Parce's once we got back to Bloomington.  I walked up to the Tap Brewery to meet Doug.  It was the perfect stop and we enjoyed some time together.  Once everyone rested they were ready to play some tennis.  Doug came  up with a round robin game that they all enjoyed.  While they were playing I walked to TIS to purchase a new IU flag.  Now all we need is a new pole as the wind took ours out in the last storm.

We did some more shopping after tennis and then met back up with Parce for dinner.  Cal wanted to try Scotty's Brewhouse and everyone liked the hamburgers they chose.  We walked back to Parce's afterward.  Cal had plans to watch the NBA playoffs as they started today.

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