Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Day of Rest

Normally, Sunday was supposed to be the day of rest, but for me, I tried to use today for it instead.  I still kept busy for a good part of it, however, getting my plans ready for the week.  In all it took me over six hours between last night and this afternoon to get everything planned, copied and ready for Monday.  Luckily, Meg wanted to drive today, so she was able to take me over to Milford.  I was too tired to make the trip alone.  The best part was that I would not have to do anything for school tomorrow.

I spent the rest of the afternoon resting.  Meg and Cam really wanted to go out to dinner and I knew that I wouldn't be able to without lying down for a couple of hours.  I found a movie on Netflix that I had never seen - "Becoming Jane."  It was about the story of Jane Austen before she became an author.  It wasn't completely accurate, but enough so that it kept me entertained and was a great way to rest.

Cam had to serve at mass tonight and Doug was a lector.  Meg and Doug got a kick out of Cam.  He wasn't paying attention while Father Andrew was anointed the parish with holy water and forgot to follow him along.  All of a sudden he sprinted to catch up.  They were sure that he was going to face plant, but luckily no holy water was spilled in the process.

I got up about ten minutes before they got home to switch the laundry and get to ready to go out with everyone.  I was still pretty tired, but hated to spend the entire day inside when they wanted to go out Meg and Cam picked the Indian restaurant in Goshen for dinner.  Meg loved the chicken curry and Cam enjoyed the butter chicken.  We are impressed with all of the foods that those two have tried over the past few years.  Definitely cannot call them picky anymore.

After dinner we tried The Chief for ice cream, but it was packed.  We were surprised as it was cold and rainy.  We decided to return home and have Doug make cookies.  They were delicious as always.  We had time to play Qwix, our new favorite math game, with Cameron, and Mario Kart with both of them.  It was a lot of fun and I was glad that I had the energy to participate in all of the activities.

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