Saturday, February 18, 2017

Yard Work in February

I do not ever remember being able to do yard work in February, but today was the perfect day for it.  Doug and I had talked about cleaning out the basement this weekend, but with the forecast I asked him if we could change that to an outside project.  I don't know if I have ever been happier raking leaves and cleaning out flower beds as I was today.  We took every chance we could to be outside and enjoying the sunshine.  Between Doug and I we were able to fill all of the bird feeders, clean out the garage, trim a bush and burn leaves.  The yard looked fantastic for a mid February day.  Mom even said that her daffodils were starting to break through the ground.  

Cam enjoyed a lot of time outside as well.  He played several games of basketball with Doug, took a very long walk with me and chipped balls with my Dad in his backyard.  Cal called Doug to say that they were spending the day playing basketball outside at his old stomping ground.  Brett took a walk around D.C. and Meg and Kaitlin took pictures at monument circle in Indy.  I know that the weather will turn cold again as Spring is technically a month away, but for now we will sure enjoy this winter reprieve.

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