Friday, February 24, 2017

Winter Break

Bethany had winter break today and Cam started it with a bang by throwing up late last night.  He slept in my room and I stayed home with him.  Cam never sleeps in, so when he was still asleep at 11 a.m.  I was surprised.  He wasn't running a fever, so I decided to wake him up.  He definitely was feeling better and we decided that a long walk Pokemon hunting would help him the most.  He led us with his Pokemon tracker and before I knew it we had made it all the way to Mom's.  She had to drop her car at Monteith, so we asked her to drop us off at home.  Neither one of us wanted to tackle the big hill walking back to our house.  

Cam felt well enough to eat lunch although he ate less than normal.  We spent the rest of the afternoon resting, watching TV and working on Legos.  Meg made it home around 3 p.m.  She had invited Macey to come over tonight, and she arrived around 5 just in time to share Little Caesar's with Meg.  Cam wanted to play games with Grandpa so he headed over there around 5:30.  Doug and I went to dinner together and were home fairly early.  Meg and Macey tried to walk to Casey's for a snack while we were gone, but the rain started before they made it.  I was glad that Mom was able to pick them up.  They thought it was pretty funny and it made for a great story.

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