Friday, February 17, 2017

What a Wonderful Night!

The warm weather arrived this afternoon just as predicted and it was just beautiful.  After Meg left with Kaitlin for Indy Doug, Cam and I headed to the Tippy Winery.  We enjoyed the weather and the sun.  We also played Qwirkle and Rummy.  It was nice to watch the sunset and relax.  This has been a busy week for Doug and we haven't seen him as much as usual.  Unfortunately for me I was the loser in both games.

On the way home we picked up Bourbon Street Pizza per Cam's request.  The three of us also finished National Treasure.  It was as good as we remembered especially since we were just in Boston and Brett's now living in D.C.  We recognized a lot of the landmarks.  Doug and I were able to finish the snack cake puzzle that we had been working on these past few weeks as well.  Dad gave it to us late last winter and we were happy to have completed it.  Still not sure what a "Yodel" and a "Funny Bone are

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