Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Teacher Work Day

I had worked very hard the last few days to ensure that today wouldn't be extremely stressful at school.  Thus, I was able to finish up grades by 8:30 a.m.  I then spent the rest of the the morning working on JA BizTown and lessons for math.  I am really looking forward to JA.  It focuses on finances and the real world.  At lunch I picked up Meg so that she could help me.  She pumped up all of the basketballs in my room and then headed down to Larson's to catch him up on her second trimester.  After that she popped into Troyer's room to check on him as well.  By the time we left I had almost everything done on my list and was hopeful for an easy trimester three.

Cam had chess after school and then they both had piano.  Mom dropped us off at Sue's, so we could go out to dinner with Doug afterward.  Piano went well and Cam learned some new moves at chess.  Meg picked Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and surprisingly we got in pretty quickly.  It was nice catching up with everyone.  The warm weather has continued which made the evening even more special.

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