Friday, February 10, 2017

Meanwhile, in Indiana

Tonight was the Donkey Ball fundraiser at Bethany Christian.  Cam wasn't sure at first that he wanted to attend, but as the event got closer, he became a lot more interested.  The night started off with the teachers playing the pastors.  We got a kick out of the players trying to ride the donkeys without being bucked off.  Next were the juniors and seniors pitted against one another.  I was nervous that one of them would get hurt, but the students did pretty well maneuvering on the donkeys.  At halftime children 12 and under could ride a donkey if they wanted to and Cameron took them up on the offer.  He said it was a little scary, but by the time he is a junior he will be ready to ride them again.  The last game featured the winners of the first two. Cam couldn't decide if he should cheer for the juniors or the pastors.  The game was just as funny as the other two with a couple of donkeys with a mind of their own.  In the end the juniors were the victors and Cam was absolutely pleased with the evening.

It was a fun family night and that was what impressed both Doug and I.  Families were laughing and having fun together all while supporting Bethany.  Our favorite moment of the night however, may have been when Brett took a picture that Doug sent out via text and posted it to Facebook.  The caption read, "Meanwhile in Indiana . . ."  Totally correct - only in Indiana would donkey basketball be a real sporting event.

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