Sunday, February 26, 2017

Legos and More Legos

Doug decided several weeks ago that he wanted to start on the basement clean out.  I was a little bit panicked about it as I have always been the organizer in the past and already had an idea of what I wanted to do.  He gave me his thoughts on what he could do without my help as I needed to spend that weekend working on entering grades for the end of trimester 2.  I thought his suggestions were great.  He first started on all of the glassware that we had stored behind the bar and moved to the numerous framed pictures that we had hung on the walls and placed on the shelves.  He was able to get through those projects in a relatively short time and wanted to do more.  He suggested that he start taking down all of the Legos that the Heinisch children had built over the years.

At first I wasn't sure if that would work.  Our basement has played homage to the years and years of Legos that had been constructed starting from Brett's first land speeder at age 4.   Several times in the past few months we had talked about categorizing the Legos, but just hadn't had time.  None of us wanted to just get rid of them, but all agreed it was time to clear them off of the numerous shelves that had displayed them.  Doug decided that the best course of action was to bag up those that he could, match directions with sets and combine all into tubs so that we could store them in our walk in  toy closet.  I was delighted with his plan and glad to have a solution to our storage problem.

Since that time Doug has spent weeks on that project.  This weekend Meg, Cam and I were finally able to help him finish up as well as clean out the rest of the toy sets.  Cam had the most to sort through.  I was impressed with how much he decided to get rid of.  Meg wanted to keep all of her Barbie's for her own children.  Thus, we had to sort through and put all of those in tubs as well.  At the end of night we had an organized storage room and all Legos were in tubs.  All that was left to do was to label the Legos sets and we will be officially done with that project.  There are a couple of other small projects to work on in the basement, but I was totally impressed with all that Doug got done.

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