Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Last Trivia Night for Awhile

Brett worked very hard during the day to get a lot of his packing done.  In taking inventory of his clothes Doug thought he would need two more dress shirts, so Meg and I took him to Kohl's before tennis.  While looking for the shirts, we found a sports coat on sale for 80% off.  He had one, but we thought we couldn't go wrong with getting one more.  We definitely couldn't beat the price.

We picked up Cam when we dropped Meg off and headed to Chubbie's for our last trivia night for awhile.  We ate in the new family room which I liked a lot better.  It was warmer and everything was new.  We did pretty well compared to last week and Brett knew a couple of answers that no one else had any idea.  The last category was Vice Presidents and Brett was the only who was able to answer that Adlai Stevenson the 1st was the vice president to Grover Cleveland.  That brought us up from 6th to 3rd and earned our group a $5 gift certificate for our next visit.  Brett was proud of that and felt we represented the name Larry, Darrell and Darrell well.

After trivia night we celebrated his birthday at our house.  Doug and Meg were back from tennis to join us and my parents came up.  Brett really liked his gifts - Lemony Snicket books to complete his collection, money and two new PS 4 games.  I believe his favorite present, however, may have been the item I gave him.  He hadn't asked for it, but over break when I heard him say to his siblings, "You know what the world needs, more characters like Dick Dastardly," I knew he needed a Wacky Racers shirt.  It even had Muttley on it.  We sang after he opened his gifts and had a big cookie, chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert.  We will miss him on his birthday, but were glad to be able to celebrate tonight.

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