Friday, February 3, 2017

Heading to D.C.

I was home today and appreciated the fact that Brett was still here and could run me to the appointments I had.  It also gave me a little more time to spend with him before he left.  He was up early and after he showered he finished packing his computer, chargers, and other items he left out for last night.  He even had two books ready to read on the 9 and a half hour drive.

In between appointments and running errands, Brett and I packed Doug's CRV.  He had left it here for that purpose and drove Brett's car to work instead.  We were able to easily get everything in the back of the car once we put down the seats.  We then picked up Subway for lunch.  Doug was home earlier than normal.  He worked a lot this week to make that happen.  I was glad as that would put them closer to D.C. before they had to stop for the night.  He hurried and changed and they were on the road before Cam and Meg got home from school.  I was sad watching Brett leave, but so incredibly proud of him.  He has been ready for this adventure and I am glad that Doug was able to start the journey with him.

As I did not have any other appointments after 12:30 I decided that I would spend the rest of my afternoon cleaning.  Brett had done a great job getting the basement in order, so I focused on the main level.  I listened to music and cleaned as much as I could before I had to leave to get Cameron.  Cleaning also helped me relax.  As excited as I am for Brett I am also a little nervous.

Meg stayed late after school with Preston to work on a chemistry lab.  Mom picked them up for me as I was in Goshen getting Cameron.  He went over to Mom and Dad's to eat dinner and play games while I went out to dinner with my co-workers to celebrate a couple of birthdays.  It was a nice break from the busy day I had and the women turning 48 enjoyed it.  Cam and I watched Goosebumps when I got back.  I finished more cleaning as well.  Clayton, Meg and Preston went to Steak N Shake and the movie Split.  They had a lot of fun, even though the movie was very depressing.

I talked to Doug several times on the trip out.  They made it to Silver Springs, Maryland before they stopped for the night.  There was a restaurant across the street for them to eat at and they were pleased with their driving progress.  I was still cleaning when they called, but finished most of it by the time I went to bed.  When Cameron's movie was over he headed upstairs.  Since Brett no longer needs the satellite receiver in the basement, I set it up in Cam's room.  He was happy about that.  Meg and I watched more of Kate & Leopold while I finished the last of the laundry.  She fell asleep before it was over, and I was finally able to call it a night.

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