Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy 22nd Birthday Brett!!

I talked to Brett several times today via the phone, text and Facebook wishing him a Happy Birthday, posting The Happy, Happy Birthday for him to listen to and to let him know that I was buying his dinner.  He was in a fantastic mood and said he had a great day.  Dinner was at a new place where he could get one of his favorites - salmon.  He even celebrated with a sundae for dessert.

I missed being with him on his birthday, but am so proud of him and how well he has adjusted to living in D.C.  He has enjoyed every day of his internship and can't wait for the next project.  He has also taken advantage of the sites there are to see in the nation's capital plus all of the local events in his area.  Tomorrow night his apartment complex is having a social that he is planning on attending.  Wednesday his work has an event and Thursday he is meeting a friend from Right to Work for dinner.  The only negative I have heard from him since he moved is that Sunday and laundry did not go well.  If that's the only problem so far, we'll take it.

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