Monday, February 20, 2017

End of Trimester Two

Today was the official end to Trimester Two.  It was supposed to be Friday, but the "icy" roads we had in January used up this snow day.  The students were bummed as they realized that they could have had a four day weekend.  It would have been nice, but overall the day wasn't too bad.  I had my math students finish all tests last week, so I only had a couple that needed to make it up.  Writing lab was my biggest worry, as several students had commentaries to finish, but we got through them all.

Meg texted me at lunch to see if she could go home.  She said that no one was there.  Absences were high as several students were on vacation and others were sick.  The flu bug has hit hard, but not hard enough to cancel school.  At 1:45 Meg called me to say that they were all outside.  There was a fire at school and they weren't allowed back in.  By the end of the day we found out that an air compressor was smoking and it was billowing out of the vents.  Students were allowed back in with 15 minutes left in the school day.  The good news was that it was warm and they could enjoy the weather.  The bad news was that they have to make up the classes they missed this afternoon on Wednesday morning.  Meg was so hoping to be done with Chemistry.

To celebrate the end of the trimester Meg invited Preston and Aaron over.  They had a great night hanging out.  Cam decided to go to Mom's so he and Dad could chip balls again.  Doug took me out to dinner to celebrate as well.  I got a lot accomplished today and it felt wonderful to be two thirds of the way done with the school year.

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