Sunday, February 19, 2017

Absolutely gorgeous!!

What an absolutely gorgeous weekend we had!  The weather was warm and the sun was out, and I couldn't have appreciated it more.  Cam played more basketball these past two days than he has in a long time.  Meg even took him on in a game once he got home.  I was able to easily get in 10,000 steps both days and Cam caught a lot of Generation 2 Pokemon on our excursions.

Doug ran outside both days and worked in the yard quite a bit.  He also started on the basement as that is our next clean out project.  Meg got home around 5:30 from Kaitlin's birthday party in Indy.  She found a couple of items while she was shopping, but mostly had fun just hanging out.  She had asked if we could go out to dinner, but we decided to take advantage of the warm weather and grill out.  Flip flops, capris and steaks on the grill - bring on Spring.

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