Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Search Continues

Brett arrived home in mid-November excited to have completed his first true work experience in his given field.  As Right to Work had not promised him that he would be rehired when the new Congressional term began, Brett started almost immediately looking for a new position.  At first I was anxious about his search.  He was in the same place last winter and wasn't quite sure where to look or what he wanted to do.

His experience this year has been completely different.  Brett has gained a lot of knowledge in the job search process.  He knows where to look and what interests him.  He has been able to fill out 15 applications a week and has had multiple interviews.  Everyone that he has come in contact with has told him that he has a fantastic resume.  He even had a second interview yesterday.

I have backed off worrying about him and his future.  I know it is challenging to remain positive in his situation, but Brett's done well with that.  I do not wish for him to hurry and get a job.  Instead I hope for him to find a job that he loves.  Until then we will all enjoy having him close to home.

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