Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tennis & Trivia

Cam and Meg were back at tennis tonight.  Meg's foot is almost completely healed and she had no problem playing.  I was impressed with how much Cam has really improved this winter.  He is hitting the ball a lot harder and deep into the back court.  He had a lot of great rallies and seemed to really enjoy it.  They will start Sunday tournaments this coming weekend.  I don't know if he will be able to make it because of basketball, but will start as soon as that is over.

I did not stay for Meg's session as Cam wanted to get back for trivia night.  Doug was at the racquet club exercising, however, and he said that Meg has really improved as well.  Having girls and boys to play against that hit the ball harder than she does has helped her immensely.  She is excited to get the season started.  Meg will also play on Sunday afternoons which should help her skills even more.

Cam, Brett and I went to trivia night after we unpacked the groceries.  Brett and my Dad have been going for a month or so now.  Last week the entire family joined them.  We thought that would bring us victory, but we failed miserably.  This week it was only Mom, Dad, Brett, Cam and I and we were first going into the last round.  Unfortunately, we did not know that Ohio was the only state to have a non-rectangular flag.  We did still finish in third and took home a $5 gift certificate for our efforts.

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