Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tennis & Basketball Sundays

Cal came home late last night to spend the day at home.  He enjoyed Purdue, but was ready to get back to Syracuse.  HM was over early to see him and they had fun catching up.  The big debate of the day was whether Fred on Scooby Doo could be called Freddie or not.

The weather was beautiful again and I was able to get in my 10,000 steps.  It has been such a blessing to have the sunshine and unseasonably high temperatures in January.  It will help make winter go by even quicker.  Brett hung out at home most of the day.  Cam had basketball in the afternoon and scored two baskets.  He was pretty proud of that.  I missed seeing him play as Meg had tennis, but that was fun to watch.  She also played well.

Cal left before we got home.  He took the truck back so that we could get an estimate on the Alero.  He was hit last weekend and the front passenger side was damaged.  It doesn't look to bad, but we'll see what Bud's says.  With everyone busy, Doug and I decided to go to Huntington's for dinner.  We definitely haven't been able to spend as much time together with all of the Heinisch children's activities and Doug's work schedule.  It was nice to talk with him tonight.

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