Monday, January 23, 2017

Patriots Day

Right after I brought Cam home from school Brett and I left for the movies.  Patriots Day came out over the weekend and we really wanted to see it.  The movie was about the Boston Marathon bombing and starred Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Bacon.  We both thought it was fantastic although hard to watch in spots, especially the bombing scene.  We didn't recognize as many Boston sites as I thought we would.  We had visited Boston two weeks before the bombing occurred and had walked through the park where the injured were taken.  

I couldn't help afterward feeling in awe of the job that the Boston police department did in finding the bombers.  Within four days both brothers were apprehended.  The movie captures the officers hard work and perseverance even though one of their own lost his life in the manhunt.  We both highly recommended it afterward and Brett wrote a wonderful blog post about it.

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