Tuesday, January 24, 2017

ND Basketball

Doug's company gave him four tickets to the Notre Dame vs. Virginia basketball game this evening.  Doug really wanted to go and I was glad to get to spend the evening doing something besides working or running errands.  Meg and Cam picked Noodles & Company for dinner which was fine by me.  I really like their chicken noodle soup.  The game was a late one, but we made it through 2/3 of it.  It was fun and they they had a great halftime show.  Notre Dame was losing when we left, which made Meg happy.

Brett went to see Split tonight with Mom and Dad.  It has gotten pretty good reviews for a movie about a schizophrenic murderer.  Brett liked it more than they did, but they all had a great evening.  Once the movie was over they went out for dinner.  I was glad that they were able to go.

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