Friday, January 13, 2017


Tonight was the first middle school lock-in for Cameron.  It has become a Bethany tradition and Cam couldn't have been more excited.  He had talked about it all week and had his sleeping bag and pillow ready well before we had to leave.  He had signed up for a ping pong tournament, but talked most about the "social music experience."  Technically it was to be a dance, but Cam loved quoting the original e-mail.  He even had a girl ask him to the "dance".  He decided that he would go stag instead. We arrived at exactly 8 p.m. and the parking lot was packed with parents dropping off their students.  Doug walked up with him, but he said that he was ok signing himself in.  What a great adventure he will have!

While Cam was out, Meg had Preston over.  They spent the evening playing Wii and watching movies.  Doug and I went to dinner at Kelly Jae's.  It was late by the time we ate, but good just the same.  I have been exhausted this week and Doug has been getting up by 5 everyday, thus 8 o'clock felt very late to us!!  It was nice to go out and start the weekend on such a positive note.

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