Saturday, January 21, 2017

Happy 12th Birthday Cameron!!

Today we celebrated Cameron’s 12th birthday and it couldn’t have been better.  He started off spending the morning at a classmate’s party.  Cam had a great time at the party complete with a scavenger hunt, birthday cake and more.  

By the time Doug brought him home Meg, Grandma Jane and I had the house decorated with balloons, streamers and a Pokemon table cloth.  With the weather begin unseasonably warm for January (60+ degrees) he and I decided to go Pokemon hunting.  Meg joined us and we walked for over an hour, talking and enjoying the sunshine.  Meg said it felt more like her birthday than Cam’s because of the weather.  Cam was pleased to find a Pokemon that he had not captured before - Jigglytuff.  

After our walk Doug, Brett, Cam, Meg and I headed to the winery.  Brett always enjoys going and Cam likes playing the games that they have.  Today we tried an old game to us, but a new one to them - Scattergories.  It was a lot of fun and Meg, Cam and I squeaked out a win in the end.  

We let Cam chose where we would eat and he wanted to order Bourbon Street pizza and eat at home.  Everyone else was happy with his choice.  After dinner Mom and Dad came over.  Cam was impressed with the IU cake that she made especially since they had just beaten Michigan State.  Cam opened his gifts and was surprised by a few of them, especially the Scooby Doo Mansion.  That led to a big debate on why they left out Fred and if he was actually called Freddy in the series.  

After cake and ice cream Doug, Brett, Mom, Dad and Cam all played Hearts.  As is usually the case everyone goes after Dad and Doug and my Mom comes out the winner.  That did not change tonight, but they had a lot of fun playing.  Once Dad and Mom left I challenged everyone to a game of Mario Kart.  The outcome there was the same as always, but I enjoyed trying.  

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the day celebrating Cameron than just spending time with him.  It was a great family day filled with a lot of fun and beautiful weather.  Meg reminded him tonight that this will be the last year of his preteen life.  I hope it is a great one.  

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