Thursday, January 12, 2017

Conference Night

Today was student led conferences at Milford, so we were required to be there until 7 p.m.  It sure makes for a long day as we do not get a break in between teaching and the start of conferences.  Meg came over around 4:30 or so to work on a paper for English.  That helped break up the night and I was able to help her when students were sparse.  While she worked on her homework one of her fifth grade teachers remarked to me on what a beautiful young lady Meg has become.  She had many other wonderful words to say about Meg which were much appreciated.  Meg has changed a lot since 5th grade, but only in appearance.  She is still the independent-minded girl that she has always been.  She empathizes with those that are persecuted by their peers and could never be called a follower.  She still loves participating in sports and is a friend to many.  These attributes will serve her well in life beyond high school, but they sure can make it tough to navigate those years.  Thus, I really appreciated her teacher's words tonight.

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