Sunday, January 1, 2017

Cleaning Out

Meg came home around 8 this morning and headed to bed.  Doug picked Cam up at 10 and he went to bed as well.  Cal got home in between the two and fell asleep on the couch.  It was the first time I could remember everyone taking a nap on New Year's Day, but at least I know that they all had a lot of fun.

Doug and I took advantage of the down time today to get a few projects done around the house.  We want to clean out the house this winter and the first priority was the storage room in the basement.  Doug worked on it off and on all day.  I was able to help when I wasn't working on laundry and bills.  Our goal was to get everything out of the room and reorganized before it went back in.  That included the holiday items, the garage sale boxes and all of Brett's items he has packed for when he moves out.  I was impressed with what Doug got done.  By the end of the night he had everything sorted.

We had talked about going to dinner, but decided to stay in tonight.  Cal went to dinner at Hacienda with friends.  Meg, Cam and Brett all ate at Chubbie's while bowling with my parents.  The nice part of staying home and cleaning was that we got to watch all of the Twilight Zone marathon that we wanted to.  That is by far my favorite part of New Year's Day besides spending time with our family.

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