Friday, January 27, 2017


Today was crazy getting everything ready before we had to leave for Bloomington.  Brett had to fill out his internship agreement and application while also working on housing.  Doug helped out quite a bit with the housing.  I had found a group that only rents to interns and is near the Capitol which is where Brett will spend quite a bit of time.  Freedom works had recommended this company as well, so we tried them first.  They could give us rates for Brett for housing through May 20th.  He will have roommates and the place will be fully furnished which fit his needs perfectly.  By noon Brett had filled out the application for that and once I got home from school we paid the deposit by PayPal and also scanned his internship agreement to send to his new boss.

While helping Brett I was also able to finish the packing for the weekend.  Meg and Cam were both home, so they helped as well and by 5:15 we were all on the road.  Traffic was light for a Friday night and construction work in Martinsville was stopped for the evening.  Thus, we were able to pull in to Mother Bear's at 8:45.  The campus restaurant hasn't been as crowded since they opened a second location west of town, so we got right in.  Everyone but Brett ordered pizza.  He prefers their breadsticks.  The food was good and we enjoyed the lively conversation at our table.  Cal decided not to join us as Cameron Adams was in town.  We told him that was no problem.  Parce is in Columbus working until tomorrow night, so it was just the five of us.  Glad that we got to have this time with Brett before he heads out next weekend.

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