Thursday, January 26, 2017


I talked to Brett on my way to pick up Cameron today after school to catch up on his progress with grad school applications and to see if he had gotten any responses from prospective employers.  At 3:15 he let me know that he had finished his MBA applications for both IU and Purdue and was finishing up the ones for Purdue's economics master's and public relations at the school of SPEA at IU.  At that point he hadn't heard any news from the resumes he had sent out for employment.  I know he had been feeling pretty down about the lack of responses he had been getting and the first interviews that he had had that had not turn in to much more.

All that changed when I called him back at 3:30 to remind him that someone needed to take Meg to the dentist as I was taking Cam to oboe.  He asked me if I had read his text.  I didn't even realize he had sent one since I had just talked to him.  That's when he blurted out the best news we could have gotten - he got the internship in D.C. with Freedomworks that he had really been wanting and could start as soon as he could secure housing and move to D.C.  He will be working with their director of public policy and legislative affairs.  They will pay him hourly and give him a stipend for a metro card for transportation.

We were all ecstatic for him.  He has worked very hard in his search for employment and this will put him in D.C. until at least May.  I had spent some time last weekend looking for housing for interns and Doug will follow up on that tomorrow.  Brett spent the rest of the night as happy as could be.  We are very proud of what he has accomplished so far and already have plans to visit him in March.

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