Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Back to School

Cam was up early this morning and ready to start J-Term.  He was off for two weeks and wanted to catch up with his friends.  He definitely has become more social as of late.  His friends have always been important to him, but have become even more so.  That includes his friends from Milford and Bethany.  He is in several group chats and a Google hangout.  The other night I called him down to watch a movie, but he was busy with a video chat.

J-Term at Bethany is a two week period in which students take only two classes.  Cameron felt he was lucky as he got both of the two classes that he wanted - Axies and Allies & Survival Challenge.  He spent time over break preparing for the first and enjoyed playing today.  He also has to do a research project on World War II and picked the Army Corp of Engineers.  I had suggested it as most people do not know a lot about this group of special soldiers and also because Grandpa was a proud member of the 52nd Engineers.

When I picked Cam up today he was happy with day one of J-Term.  He designed a bedroom in Survival Challenge and learned how to purchase furniture for it.  He was the Axies Power in the game and was proud of his attack on the Allies.  To top off his great first day back, he was able to go to chess as his club started again.  Life at Bethany works well for him.  Couldn't ask for more than that.

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