Saturday, January 7, 2017

Baby, it's cold outside!

Today was cold as was Friday.  The temperature stayed in the single digits and the windchill was below zero.  It was this way the week of December 19th as well.  Usually the extreme cold doesn't appear until later in January, so this has been different from what we are used to.  I have learned to just admit that I am going to freeze and layer up.  Last year I bought leggings to wear under my jeans.  They have worked well so far this winter along with the thermal shirts that I wear under my sweaters and the two pairs of socks.  Doug bought me the warmest pair of pajamas that I have ever owned this past Christmas and I have been putting them to good use these past few weeks.

The one upside to all of the cold is that we have not had a lot of snow or ice to deal with.  Usually that causes more weather problems in late December and early January than the frigid temperatures.  Meg also pointed out that this was the first time in four years that we did not have a delay or cancellation on the first day back after break.  I keep hinting to Doug that we would be a lot happier living in the South, even if it was just Tennessee.  I have not had much luck with persuading him so far, but maybe these cold temperatures will to sway his opinion.

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