Sunday, January 8, 2017

And He's Off!

Cal left tonight at 5 p.m. to return to IU.  He was not quite ready to go back.  He had had an awesome break visiting with friends, hanging out with HM, catching up with family, lifting, playing basketball and just relaxing.  He wasn't ready to give that up and start studying again.  I don't blame him as the schedule in college can get very intense.  He made it back without a problem, however, and was ready to start the new semester by the time he unpacked.

I was sad to see him go.  Our time with him seemed to just fly by.  Everyone had a great time playing the Wii, Axis and Allies and giving each other a hard time.  I know that we will see him again in a couple of weeks.  That time will pass by quickly just as break did.  Then soon enough Brett will be off on his own and our family dynamics will change once again.  I'll just keep enjoying them both for the time being.

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