Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Tough Choice

Jody texted me late last night with "Are you up?"  As we have gotten into the routine of staying up later on Christmas break I definitely was awake.   I called her as soon as I could to check and see what she needed.  After our conversation we both realized that we were going to pass on going to the Conrads' memorial service today.  We had the best intentions of being there, but we both realized that we just couldn't do it.

It was a hard decision, but neither of us have been sleeping since the accident happened.  We both could remember supportive words that had been said by Kim to us and stories she shared.  The thought of losing two family members in one tragic accident had not left my thoughts since Christmas Day.  It would be such a hard situation to overcome.  I cannot even imagine how the Heinisch family would function.

I did drive by the high school several times today on my way to pick up Cameron.  The parking lot was packed.  I was glad that others could handle the sadness that today brought.  It will definitely be awhile before our community heals.

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