Friday, September 2, 2016

Time for the Weekend

For the first time since school started I will not have to work this weekend.  Last weekend I spent several hours each day writing lesson plans and copying papers for school.  I decided on Sunday night that I really didn't want to do that again.  Therefore, this week I pushed hard during my prep period and after school to get as much done as possible so I could enjoy Labor Day weekend work free.  I am glad to say that at 5:20 tonight I left with school plans on the books, copies in the tray and grades posted.  It was a great feeling.

Doug and I spent the evening at home.  Meg and Cam went to the football game and had a great time with their friends.  We took advantage of the down time to get packed for Bloomington, clean, fill bird feeders and mow.  Doug made spaghetti for dinner and we ate outside.  We even finished an episode of House of Cards.  I know that it may have seemed like a boring evening to some, but it was a wonderful night and a great way to start our three day weekend.

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