Sunday, September 18, 2016

Purple, Purple & More Purple

The painting is done.  Doug was able to finish it up this morning and the purple bedroom and bathroom look fantastic.  I am going to meet with the counter top man on Wednesday and the new window goes in this week.  All that will really be left is hooking up the plumbing and lights.  Cal said it looked better the way it was before, but this time I have to disagree.  Not only were we able to solve all of the water issues, but the bathroom is a lot more functional now.  

While Doug finished the painting I took Meg and Cam to piano.  We also stopped at Walmart for groceries.  I don’t really love going there to shop, but they have a lot better lunch choices than our local grocery.  Cam met my parents at the golf course afterward.  This weekend was the Big Cup and last night he only got to play the front nine.  He was able to finish up the back tonight.  

This weekend wasn’t all work as Doug and I went to Chop’s last night for dinner after going to the Jefferson Pointe Mall.  Tonight we also took Cam and Meg to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  Next week will be extremely busy.  It was nice to get a lot done this weekend to get ready for it.

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